5 Interior Design Tips For Apartments

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5 Interior Design Tips For Apartments

Apartment living doesn't mean compromising on style. In fact, the opposite is true. When starting with a blank canvas, you can put more thought into your interior styling choices and it's a chance to get creative like never before. Do away with the chunky furniture and old couch you've dragged around all these years, this is your chance to de-clutter, de-stress and create the space you’ve always dreamt of!

1. Smart living spaces

The beauty of open-plan living is that the kitchen/dining/lounge area becomes a multi-purpose mecca for both entertaining and relaxing. Investigate clever furniture options such as a dining table with adjustable height that can also be used for more kitchen bench space, or a modular couch that can be re-arranged into different formations. The possibilities are endless. 

2. Colour schemes

A lighter colour scheme keeps the space bright and airy. Try to steer clear of dark hues as it will make a room appear smaller (also one to keep in mind with furniture choices). Here's a tip; matching your curtain colour to the walls will make the space appear much larger than if you used two different shades. 

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3. Float on

When a big and old-fashioned display cabinet just won't do – but you really need somewhere to put your favourite antique vase – think floating shelves. Make the most out of your wall space with timber or neutral shelving and cleverly arrange items to reflect your individual taste. 

4. Bring the garden indoors

If you love the low-maintenance lifestyle of apartment living but still like a bit of greenery, why not combine the two? Create an indoor garden by dotting your space with lush plants. Choose a hardy species (such as the Philodendron) that doesn't need too much watering. The right plants will thrive even in low-light areas like the bathroom.

5. Clever storage solutions

A visit to IKEA will provide a bounty of options for clever hidden storage. Once you have measured up your wardrobe, you'll find a multitude of solutions for installing drawers, shoe shelving and even more hanging space. If you never have enough room to hang all your washing, try a pull-down clothes rack easily fixed to the wall. You would never know it was there. 

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